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Our accounting services include first of all high quality performance and professional consultations in order to meet Client-specific needs.

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Our clients


About Us

We are a great and friendly group of responsible, honest, positive and moral people. Together we constitute a precise and powerful accounting mechanism. The name of the company Integre (Lat. completely, virtuously, and honestly) was chosen for its meaning, reflecting the values ​​of our company, high standards of professional ethics, moral requirements, and attitude to work. We strive to always act in accordance with the policy of provision of quality services, ensure warm communication, answer all the questions of interest to our Clients, and help to address any difficulties they encounter. We seek to meet individual needs of our Clients and properly represent their interests, since we feel responsibility for corporate finances entrusted on us.

  • UAB „Integre“ provides the following services:
  • Accounting services
  • Management accounting services
  • Accounting organization and control processes
  • Preparation of accounting policy and control
  • Consultation on accounting and tax issues
  • Business Consulting

We place a special focus on professional development and training of our staff. Information update is crucial for us – we attend seminars and conferences on a regular basis to update and gather information on recent changes in the area of tax and accounting. We are engaged in cooperation with over 200 companies, thus we are aware of accounting aspects in diverse business sectors. We endeavour to contribute to business success of our Clients.

  • We are exceptional because we can guarantee:
  • Exceptional focus on our Clients
  • Services provided by a team of professional staff
  • A reliable partner

Our team

Žana Kel

Žana Kel

Director - a professional certificated accountant
Vaida Jociutė

Vaida Jociutė

Deputy Director
Indrė Skrodenė

Indrė Skrodenė

Human Resources Manager

Quality Policy


We work together and as the whole team. We guarantee timely performance and continuity without assigning specific tasks or functions to specific experts. We are convinced that Client trust-based long-term cooperation and Client reference best reflect the appreciation of our services.


We guarantee confidentiality in relation to all corporate financial and performance data. Accurate and timely services is the main requirement for our staff. We take responsibility for our errors and their consequences. In order to protect both our staff and the Client from unexpected financial loss as a potential consequence of an error, we obtain a professional civil liability insurance with the amount of the claim for a single ensured event of 140 thousand euro.

Professional expertise

In our work we follow approved and current legislation and standards. We notice Client activity-specific features and perform bookkeeping according to the legislation governing these activities. It is important that professional expertise of our staff builds confidence of our Clients.


UAB “Integre”
Sporto g. 18,
LT-09238 Vilnius

Tel. +370 5 260 87 87
Faks. +370 5 260 88 60
Mob. +370 656 14035
El. p. info(at)integre.lt

Įmonės kodas 300622489
PVM kodas LT100002803012
AB SEB bankas
IBAN: LT91 7044 0600 0768 4740

UAB “Integre”
Žvejų g. 14A,
LT-09310 Vilnius

Phone +370 5 260 87 87
Fax +370 5 260 88 60
Mobile +370 656 14035
Email info(at)integre.lt

Company code 300622489 PVM code LT100002803012
AB SEB bankas
IBAN: LT91 7044 0600 0768 4740